The concealer is for objective to hide dark eye circles and any small imperfections of the skin. It is a foundation covering to use locally.

You must first know the appearance causes of dark circles around the eyes, the type and color of your skin in order to be able to prevent dark circles and choose the best concealers for you!


Causes of dark circles  Dark Circles

Skin reveals our lifestyle. Dark circles make a sad look and often unsightly when they become darker.

Exacerbated by stress and fatigue, they first appear in the corner of the eye and then spread on the contour.

What are exactly the causes of dark circles? There are actually many reasons for their appearance. Fatigue, poor circulation or lifestyles are some of the causes of the formation of dark circles. But often they are inherited.

The eye contour area is very fragile and very sensitive. The skin is very thin and when the skin is well hydrated is covered with a film. The latter serves as protection against external aggressions.

This is a change of tone of the lymphatic channels and venous circulation upset that create dark circles.

Due to poor circulation of blood pigments in the blood vessels, they accumulate in the tissue. Result: The skin takes on a particular color. Between yellow, blue and dark is the circle!

But do not worry, they are many tricks to make dark circles disappear and many care to correct them. Revive beauty targeted treatments, smoothing and anti-inflammatory tonic action can soften them.

For those dark circles that are really visible, we opt for a makeup concealer, sham.


Prevent the appearance of dark circles 


To prevent the appearance of dark circles, it is not a secret; you must have a healthy lifestyle. Reduce your consumption of alcohol and / or tobacco that damage your skin and dull your complexion.


Stress is also a trigger for the formation of dark circles; practice a sport for example to unwind.


Remember also to moisturize your skin as well with moisturizers for the face that drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Proper hydration further protects the sensitive area around the eyes.


Dark circles are often caused by fatigue, monitor your sleep time. Get enough sleep to let your body recover. Sleep time necessary for a good recovery is not the same for everyone and depends on your needs. On average there are 8 hours of sleep. To have a rested and serene face!


Best ConcealersConcealer


Best Concealers are made for people with dark circles slightly or darker marked or slight imperfections or under-eye puffiness. It allows you to hide the marks of fatigue, hyper pigmentation or discoloration around the eye.


The concealer pen, stick or others are made with high precision and very hygienic.


Thanks to the ultra-fine particle size of the pigments in the form of Concealer, soft and elastic texture leaves no impression material around the eye.

Reading our next pages about best concealers you are going to find the best concealer that suits your type and color of skin.