10 Tips to Remove Bags under the Eyes

Cuccumber Slices To Reduce Bags Under Eyes 1. Apply concealer


There are on the market the best concealers as cosmetic solutions to hide dark circles. Whether liquid or creamier, they can hide some gray circles under eyes.


2. Get enough sleep


Dark circles under the eyes are often associated with fatigue so to avoid having, give you a good night’s sleep very restorative. Sleep is important for physical health, so if you sleep well, you will have a healthy glow and a beautiful complexion when you wake up.


3. Avoid salt


The dark circles slightly more swollen are due to water retention. Avoid eating salt can therefore help you to not show dark circles. Eating a balanced diet will also help you to have a beautiful complexion, a beautiful face healthy and beautiful color.


4. Use a concealer care


Several products against dark circles and wrinkles exist. Typically, you apply in the morning or at night under the eyes and a revitalizing effect will after some time. You can choose from creams, gels or applicator stick.


5. Use chamomile


Before going to sleep, infuse two bags of chamomile and leave in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning, put them in a few minutes your eyes and dark circles diminish. If you do not have chamomile, you can also use tea bags.


6. Use cucumbers


Simply slice two slices of cucumber and place them over your eyes. This concealer trick is widespread throughout the world.


7. Use semi-skimmed milk


Soak two balls semi-skimmed milk. Pat under your eyes and puffiness should subside quickly.


8. Use cold


The cold is good for removing dark circles under the eyes. It tightens the skin. So take two ice cubes and put in a small towel and attach it in your eyes. You will see a marked improvement.


9. Massage below your eyes


Gently pat the skin under your eyes with your fingertips. Then, very gently massage the bottom of your eyes from the inside to the outside to circulate your blood.


10. Stretch the skin under his eyes


You can gently pull the skin under the eyes down and keep this position for a few seconds. Your skin will appear later released.


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