Best Concealers Advice to Fade Birth Dark Circles

Best Concealers: Concealer Application The dark circles appear as a colored or hollow circle under eyes. They are usually caused by poor blood circulation and lymphatic vein. Moreover, their appearance can be accentuated by poor lifestyle: tobacco, alcohol, fatigue, poor diet … However, some people are born with dark circles called birth dark circles. They are linked to heredity and mean that these people have poor circulation at birth. In this case, it is advisable to seek the advice of a doctor to treat those dark circles birth.


However, waiting for the doctor’s advice, some tips can help you camouflage dark circles of birth and some lifestyle rules must be respected. Above all, it is recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle to not accentuate dark circles. In this case, we must adopt a diet low in fat and high in fruits and vegetables. It is also important to limit the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Finally, we need to spare for the effects of fatigue does not accentuate dark circles. To conceal dark circles of birth, it is advisable to use a concealer for pigment using a color approximating the complexion. You must choose the concealer that compounds active moisturizing and improving microcirculation. The contours eye care can also be used to moisturize that part of the face. They are usually rich in draining assets to improve microcirculation.


Other types of dark circles


– The hollow circles appear as two holes in the bottom of the eyes and are formed under the eyelid due to an accumulation of fat which gives a tired look.


– The colored circles are more common than hollow circles. Yellow, purple or black, they come from poor blood circulation.


You can hide the moderately colored circles with a cream concealer and best concealers makeup. However it remains a daily practice. To avoid having dark circles, there is also the possibility of resorting to cosmetic surgery.



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