Best Concealers

Your life as a working woman does not always leave a lot of time to sleep … Result: day  Eye Contourafter day, signs of fatigue can be read on your face. The very fragile area around the eyes is the first to betray you. To display a fresh and available even after a sleepless night, quickly discover our selection of treatments for a refreshing sparkling eyes!


Operation Camouflage: mission accomplished!


Dark circles under the eyes negate complexion and successful make up. To hide naturally as possible, there are gestures and effective products designed to mitigate and make a good use.

The circle has a hollow shape and often is bluish or gray. To fight against these unsightly closets, concealer products are formulated with plant extracts (witch hazel, red wine, chestnut, and arnica) assets decongestants and tonics that improve the microcirculation.

Tinged with yellow pigments, the concealer can camouflage a real effect bluish circle. They apply preferably before laying the foundation. Simply tap the concealer gently until a clear zone unified.

When the circles are particularly dark, mix the concealer with a hint of orange lipstick.The orange complementary color to blue fades the intensity.


Types of Concealers


The concealer is inseparable from the foundation. The concealer perfectly covers all types of imperfections. Your small defects become invisible. Discover the best concealers and anti-imperfections to correct your complexion!


The purpose of best concealers is to conceal dark circles under the eyes, redness and blemishes. The concealer is designed and based on fat or water-based. You should also know that there are several types of concealer.

Here are the different types and forms of best concealers:


  • The Concealer Stick 

The concealer stick is in the form of a tube like a lipstick.

The concealer stick allows an application directly from the tube.

Apply it directly on targeted areas and spread carefully.

The concealer stick is not appropriate to conceal dark circles under the eyes.


  • The Concealer tube Concealer


They are softer than cream concealer but usually fatter. Their textures are finer and creamier than stick concealer and can even be used as a foundation.

The concealer tube should be applied using a brush.

These concealers tend to be fat and become embedded in fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore apply a thin amount of concealer and then spread it with the tip of your index finger or a sponge.


  • The creamy Concealer 


The creamy concealer apply more easily and last longer.Cream Concealer

It is recommended to apply with a sponge or fingers.

This type of product conceals very dark circles, redness and blemishes. Concealer creams do not leak.


How to carefully apply a concealer?


  • It is essential to moisturize the areas you want to conceal with a concealer to prevent it embeds itself in fine lines.
  • Do not apply concealer on targeted areas and never on the face.                                         
  • Start by applying a color slightly darker than your natural skin tone and spread evenly to avoid creating bright spots.
  • Never apply concealer rubbing on the skin, apply rather dabbing. Use your fingertips to conceal dark circles under the eyes.
  • Apply a thin layer of powder on the two sides of the nose and under the nostrils.
  • To conceal dark circles under the eyes, carefully apply the concealer under the puffiness and then apply three drops under the ends and in the center of the eye.
  • Apply just a small amount of concealer, spread gradually to avoid the look floured, then spread with the fingertips.
  • Try to keep the edges of the puffiness under the bright eyes to completely camouflage the dark circles and then spread to the edge of the lower lashes extremities.
  • Be careful, if you apply a little too much concealer that can make you lose the natural look of your skin.


Best Concealers: Tips & Tricks


  • First, apply your foundation and then apply your concealer, or you may smudge your foundation.
  • Apply your concealer and avoid the spread.
  • Make sure your concealer matches your skin tone.
  • Do not use a foundation or concealer to accentuate your look, use a blush to extend or supplement your face.
  • To conceal acne, apply concealer on buttons using a brush.
  • Do not apply more than two layers of concealer.
  • To hide sunspots, you will probably need a combination of concealer and foundation.
  • Apply powder over your concealer while it is still wet to dry and set.
  • A concealer of white foundation illuminates your complexion and makes your skin look healthier.
  • A concealer with blue tone whitens red spots.
  • A concealer of pink or peach foundation makes your skin more radiant.
  • A green concealer helps to conceal redness caused by red spots or rosettes.
  • Dry concealer offers better coverage. For cons, the creamy concealer is best suited for sensitive areas such as the nose, mouth and the area under the eyes
  • concealer: white, pink, dry or oily are not recommended because it may highlight the defects.
  • The best concealers are soft anti circles, creamy and yellow. Such concealers spread easily on the skin and instantly make your face shiny.