The Proper Care for the Eye Contour

Puffiness care

In the contour of the eye, the skin is 5 to 7 times thinner than the rest of the body; the facial area is the most stressed: you blink about 10,000 times a day! Look at the care that can pamper this sensitive area.

Why? The eye area abounds in blood vessels and lymph glands. Due to age, hormonal fluctuations or consumption of salty foods, circulation slows down, causing an accumulation of water in the tissues and causes the appearance of puffiness. However, the pockets are sometimes caused by fatty deposits beneath the eyes, and when this is the case, surgery alone can solve the problem.


Best Concealers: Eye Contour Concealer CreamConcealer care

Why? The eye contour is a highly vascular area. Microcirculation, which is naturally slower in the lower eyelid, causes an accumulation of blood pigment in the skin. Result: Bluish or reddish circles which increase with stress and fatigue. Brown circles, meanwhile, are hereditary and impossible to do away with cosmetic treatments.

For whom: Wishing to hide the unsightly shadows under eyes.


Wrinkle care

Why? The skin around the eyes is thin and has few oil glands, making it more prone to wrinkles. With 14 muscles, this area is also the site of a variety of facial expressions. This is why the crow’s feet appear there.

For whom: the one who wants to prevent or minimize crow’s feet or wrinkles below the eye, and that have dry and dehydrated skin.


Anti-loosening care

Why? The elastin and collagen fibers are present in very small quantities in the eye area, and 10,000 beats of daily eyelashes do nothing to fix things! This is why we often noted a loss of tone in terms of the eyelids.

For whom: The one that sees her eyelids droop and her eyes shrink with time.


Cream Concealer for Dark Circles

Best Concealers: Cream For Dark CirclesDark circles affect the beauty of the face. Fortunately, effective products and best concealers exist to fight dark circles: among these products there are the cream concealers. In this article you will know exactly the causes and the different types of dark circles.


Dark circles definition

Dark circles are colored marks that form grooves under the eyes. They give the face a tired and sad look.


The different types of dark circles

There are colored rings that can be brown, black, gray or blue. But there are also hollow circles. They blame a lack of volume under the eyes and this phenomenon is accentuated as of advancing age. These circles can be hereditary.


The skin under the eyes

Around the eye, the skin is very thin and fragile. The hydro-lipid film that protects the skin here is very thin too. This area is more susceptible to attacks. In addition, it is crossed by a blood network.


The poor blood circulation

If the microcirculation is poor around the eye, blood accumulates forming packets: this is the beginning of dark circles.


The lifestyle

Smoking, stress, short nights are factors conducive to the formation of dark circles. Indeed, all these causes act on the microcirculation in the slowing. This promotes sunken eyes.



However, if your parents have bags under the eyes, it is likely that you have. Heredity is a factor that is difficult to deal with.


Tips and Tricks

Natural remedies like tea bags or cucumbers on the eyes are beneficial. However, best concealers creams have proven efficacy.


The Shock Treatments for Dark Circles

Best Concealers: Eye Cream For Dark CirclesGood products


• Who: those who want a little bang immediately before or after a sleepless night!

• Advantage: as a cream or gel, they rehydrate in depth, reduce signs of fatigue and exert a lifting effect for a few hours.



• Who: those who wish to express an effect, but also lasting results. The patches are used during treatment or a few weeks.

• Advantages: they promote deeper penetration of active ingredients. The protective fabric prevents the ingredients to come into contact with air, which optimizes their effectiveness. Pre-cut and pre-measured, they ensure accurate application.



• For whom: those who want to tackle the dark circles and wrinkles intensively.

• Advantage: high concentrations of active ingredients, they apply morning and evening in the daily care. However, it should take six to eight weeks of use to remove all benefits.


The right gestures

• Stretch the skin by cleaning, drying or applying our care.

• Removing Make eyes with soap or face wash: red and irritated eyes!

• Rubbing eyes. To relieve the heavy eyelids or eyes sting, massaged gently with your fingers in small circular movements.

• Squinting eyes and frown for sun protection. Use sunglasses!


Home tips

• To reduce the swelling of the eyes in the morning, we keep our eye contour care in the fridge.  Freshness effect guaranteed!

• To calm instantly, it soaks two discs of cornflower water or chamomile cotton and are laying a few minutes on the eyes.

• To reduce the puffiness and dark circles, apply tea bags or chamomile tea, brewed and then cooled for about fifteen minutes.

• To reduce puffiness, cosmetic pads are dipped in cornflower water, drained slightly and placed in a plastic bag in the fridge overnight. In the morning, these compresses are applied to the eyes. You can also use ice: just wrap them in a towel and place them on the eyelids twenty seconds.




Hydration Care for Dark Circles

Best Concealers: Eye Contour Cream MoisturizerA moisturizer for the eye contour is necessary for all women over 30 years and is highly recommended from age 25. In fact, before you notice the first signs of aging, such as crow’s feet, fine lines and loss of elasticity, damage has already occurred beneath the surface of the skin. To prevent aging and slow its progression, it is important to keep the contour of the eye smooth and well hydrated and to protect it from environmental aggressors.


Care for the eye area can enhance moisture, improve drainage (to prevent swelling) and fight against wrinkles and lack of tone. It avoids using the eye contour creams day and night, usually too rich and too active for this delicate area. Their application can even lead to the formation of small white bumps and puffiness if the pores get clogged with fat. Textures care eye contour are lighter and more easily absorbed by the skin.


The right gestures

– The basic rule: never apply cream directly on mobile eyelids or too close to the lashes to prevent it from entering the eyes.

– Apply a small amount of product on the bone surrounding the eye and is done by tapping (with the middle or index finger), starting from the inner corner of the eye and up towards the brow bone.

– Repeat on the lower eyelid, patting the inner corner of the eye outward.


Reduce dark circles

• Cause: they are usually caused by poor blood circulation. Lack of sleep, stress, alcohol and tobacco may increase the accumulation of blood in the tissues, but dark circles are sometimes hereditary.

• Treatment: products that promote good circulation and reduce signs of fatigue.


Reduce puffiness

• Cause: Do not confuse puffiness and fat pockets. These are usually caused by age and heredity over the years, the skin relaxes, and fatty deposits gather and form bags under the eyes. Care creams unfortunately are not sufficient. Puffiness, meanwhile, is an accumulation of water in the tissues due to poor lymphatic circulation. They are characterized by a transient swelling, particularly of the upper eyelids. They mainly occur at night, while the eyelids are immobile.

• Treatment: draining of formulas that fight water retention.


Guide to Eye Care

Best Concealer Cream For Dark CirclesThe eye area is the most delicate part of the face. It is also one of the most requested.


As the skin around the eye is 5 to 10 times finer than that of the face and very poor in sebaceous glands, its natural defenses against external attacks are limited. In addition, although it quickly loses its flexibility because it contains very little collagen and elastin, its elasticity constantly sought with some 10,000 blinking and contractions per day. No wonder if it is so vulnerable to aging, to drying, irritation, swelling and signs of fatigue!


 Cleansing: softly!

It is essential to use a makeup remover specifically designed for the eyes. The eye makeup adheres to the pH of the eye area, which is about 7.5, and treats the eye area smoothly. They also act as care through their decongestant, soothing and calming.


The right gestures for using best concealers creams

– Pour a small amount of product onto a cotton pad and press a few seconds on the closed eye to allow the product dilute the makeup.

– Then wipe the eyelid from top to bottom and from inside to outside.

– To remove traces of mascara, you slide the cotton pad on top of the lashes from root to tip.

– Then the eye half closed, one passes the cotton pad between the lower and upper lashes, from the inside to the outside of the eye.

–  Repeat several times, if necessary, and change cleansing pad if necessary.

– If a two-phase formula (oil / water) is used, care is taken to eliminate fat traces with a cotton pad soaked in cleansing lotion for eye; otherwise you may have swollen eyelids in the morning.




Homemade Concealers

Best Concealers I propose to begin a summary of relationship fatigue / rings: the lack of sleep causes an increase in blood flow in the vessels that generates the formation of dark circles and then form circles! That’s basically the mechanics identifies, -) Now, how to reduce those dark circles? We have already mentioned herbal remedies fresh water, cucumber or tea. The desired effect is always the same: deflate and tighten the skin. As a reminder, the simplest solution is to take two cotton balls, soak them in ice cold water, wring it out and place them on your eyes 2/3 minutes.


It remains for me to tell you about a plant well known used in home remedies that we often ignore the entire chamomile! While I agree at first it was not very sexy story of plants that stay but let explain:


1) In the evening, drink chamomile tea that promotes sleep

2) During the night, it helps reduce muscle tension

3) In the morning, you can use ice cubs on the eyes


Best concealers


The good habit: A small amount of product morning and evening, it makes sense, but by mid-day, touch is even better, especially when working in an overheated or air-conditioned room


Dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, each product has its specialty…and its price! You choose the eye contour care that is best for you!



Dark Circles Concealers

Best Concealers To Hide Dark Circles Circles or bags under the eyes are often due to fatigue, lack of rest or sleep. Dark circles reflect the state of body and mind. The best concealers available in the market have been specifically designed to reduce dark circles and improve your well-being.


Dark circles are dark spots that appear below the eye. Also known as “circles under the eyes,” dark circles have many causes: lack of rest, exhausting lifestyle, hereditary predisposition, bruising, poor circulation and blood oxygenation deficiency Vitamins C and E. High levels of stress, lack of sleep, fresh air and exercise, as well as the excessive consumption of fat, alcohol, and salt (which causes problems with water retention) are all factors may cause the appearance of dark circles. The best concealers allow better circulation of blood, skin toning to defeat the dark circles. Whatever the cause, dark circles treatments have been specially designed to reduce or eliminate dark circles. These concealer products allow you to overcome your dark circles and shine every day.


Whether 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, etc… ! The eye contour is an area that should be treated with the utmost care. When you know that the skin around the eyes is four times thinner than the cheeks, we blink over 10,000 times per day; you can expect that the wrinkles settle there.


First, we cleanse thoroughly to remove all traces of pencil, kohl, mascara. And even if you are not wearing makeup, for example, to remove the impurities grafted to the contour of the eye during the day to reactivate circulation around the eye and thus reduce dark circles and puffiness.


Then, morning and evening, a specific treatment is applied: the eye contour creams are not designed to make you spend more money. Thicker, richer, sips of specific assets, they have a formula adapted to this specific area.


Dark Circles: Causes and Treatments

Best Concealers to Fade Dark CirclesTo recap, there are two types of dark circles under the eyes. We can distinguish the colored circles and rings circles. Colorful circles are the most common. They are purple in color and are usually caused by poor blood circulation. The colored circles can also be associated with hyper pigmentation of the skin. This pigmentation may be hereditary or may be caused by blood flow in the veins. The hollow circle is due to the loss of subcutaneous fat. It can be extended on the root of the nose and out to the cheekbone. Dark circles under the eyes are mainly related to the properties of the skin at this level. You should know that the eye is surrounded by a very thin skin, a tenth of a millimeter. This skin is very fragile and highly vulnerable to various external influences such as solar radiation or pollution. The skin is covered with a protective film says, the hydro-lipid film. At the eye, this protective layer is very thin and therefore vulnerable.


Dark circles under the eyes are associated with loss of fat between the skin and bone. Through the skin, you can see the bone relief. Hyaluronic Acid is generally used to fill the hollow circles. Hyaluronic acid is a 100% biodegradable and naturally absorbed into the body. The resumption of the final product prevents any accident. The reverse side of these interventions is less scary than the final appearance of certain cosmetic surgery. Dark circles under the eyes are the result of either a lack but an excess of fat in dark circles. Dark circles under the eyes are also called black or colored circles, these are the most common, purplish color, and they are usually due to poor blood circulation. The causes are many and are detailed in the previous sections.


The main reason other than aging is poor blood circulation in the skin in this part of the face. The skin is thinner; the induced transparency can lead to see the bloodstream. The colored circles can also be associated with hyper pigmentation of the skin. Pigmentation can be hereditary or can be caused by blood flow in the veins. We speak of coetaneous microcirculation. Just as trade in these small vessels is slowed to an accumulation of toxins and pigments occur. The skin around the eyes is very thin, so distinguished by transparency on some skins dark color caused by these overloaded in some places. This slowdown in the microcirculation may be due to fatigue, smoking, drinking, and taking drugs. Pollution, dust, imperfect cleansing are additional causes for the formation of pockets or swelling. Dark circles, whose cause is essentially hereditary, are the result of poor micro-circulation and accumulation of waste in small blood vessels around the eyes, giving transparency by the darker color. Dark circles can make different colors: blue, brown or gray.


Dark Circles Phenomenon

Best Concealers to Hide Dark CirclesDark circles affect both men and women. However, it is possible to speak of a disaster for the ladies, because the dark circles prevent any proper makeup. The problem of dark circles is that it gives a tired look type bad sleep even after 8 or 10 hours of sleep.




The body cycle appreciate to go to bed before 10:30 p.m. to midnight and to 1:00 a.m. the morning you are in phases of restorative sleep. At these times, some glands secrete substances beneficial to health on the one hand, and secondly sleep time acquired at these times should be well underway to combine all the benefits of all-natural body and programmed human.


For healthy lifestyle, it comes also to remove the tobacco and alcohol, both factors favoring dark circles. A simple lifestyle mismatched enough to disrupt the lymphatic tissue, which identifies the cause as well as unsightly.


Poor circulation


Dark circles can be the result of a difficult bloodstream. Microcirculation is poor. Hyper pigmentation of the skin becomes visible (blue – gray). Two solutions are available: massage the eye contour creams and the draining action. It is clever to combine the two.


To massage the eye area, lightly tap the tip of the index, because the area is hypersensitive. Of course, enjoy this massage to apply cream around the eye. This draining cream is perfectly adapted to the sensitivity of the eye and stimulates microcirculation, while moisturizing and soothing.


Opt for eye contour cream 2 times a day. Very little amount is enough.




Unfortunately it may be that dark circles are the result of a hereditary factor. It happens to meet people with dark circles since childhood elsewhere.


There are two solutions: cover dark circles or fill them


It is simple and affordable to hide dark circles with best concealers’ corrector. It is also the first reflex. To make a perfect makeup, always prefer a clear powder under the eyes. Dark colors, including those eye shadows, highlight the tired appearance. To be avoided therefore.


Also, choose a color with a shade lighter than your skin. So the more you lower the color ring. If necessary, add a little orange pigments, orange is a complementary color to blue, which fade it.


Otherwise, the surgical option exists. It is injected (microinjection) of fat, which is then repositioned.



The Little Tricks to Hide Dark Circles

Best Cream ConcealerIt often happens that you wake up in the morning with crumpled mine and bags under the eyes. To refresh the complexion, a concealer and a light make is enough. Here are some tips to get a glow look.

Fix your eyes with the best concealers


To wake up your complexion, concealer is the suitable cosmetic product for you. With a flick of a stick or pencil will erase signs of fatigue which increases your eyes. They are sold in supermarkets or in specialty stores in various forms to suit your needs and your wallet. Generally, they are presented in stick, but they may also be available in a single pot with applicator, according to their texture. In all cases, it blurs the pockets under eyes in the same way; whether it is a bit thick or liquid. Your choice of product will depend largely on its color. It should be lighter than your natural complexion and slightly nuanced compared to the halos color.


How to apply best concealers?


Before you start, go about 50 inches from your mirror to better calibrate the product. Before adjusting the rings under your eyes, you need to ask a layer of foundation. Then move your concealer starting from the corner of the eye to the outer edges. Ideally you use a flat brush or stick with a foam tip. Spread it lightly tapping for uniform application. If your dark circles are more pronounced, top up a little in the middle to make it disappear completely. Then put a thin layer of foundation to blur the line. At each step, keep a light hand to avoid overloading your makeup. A final touch of transparent powder to fix everything and you can apply the rest of your makeup.


Camouflage dark circles carefully


This time, your goal is to illuminate your eyes. Start by putting an eyeshadow in bright and pearly shades on your eyelids. Above all, avoid black or too dark colors because they will highlight your dark circles. Spread it softening gradually starting from the inside to the brow bone. Then apply another shade lighter, but still in the same shades of color in the inner corner of the eye. You can opt for example for natural hues or tones pulling gold or opal. To emphasize the contrast, spend a little mascara on your upper lashes. It’ll just make brushing eyebrows before checking if everything is impeccable.