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How to Correct the Complexion Effectively?

Best Concealrs to Correct ComplexionAfter choosing your foundation, you can go now to the correction. The correction includes both the concealer to hide your fatigue (or your poor circulation), but also products used to camouflage scars and other blemishes.


Above all, know that we don’t put foundation on dark circles to cover: it probably won’t do anything if you have marked circles. Two, we do not put heavy foundation and good coverage all over the face if it is to hide two or three buttons. You’ll feed the imperfection and make the most important problem. We must therefore buy spanning correctors, and do not overload the complexion. Never forget that you can correct the color, but not the relief!


Correct with a basic foundation


When you have very red skin, or dull skin, a base cream can be used before the foundation which will regulate the initial color of the skin.

– The green bases with red skin give them a gray color.

– The purple or pearly bases intended to dull (smokers are concerned) and allow the skin to better reflect light.

However, the basics tend to make the skin more “heavy”, especially because we feel we have two layers in addition to the cream, which is more suitable for those who have real complex or for an evening.


Correct localized imperfections


Several schools in the correction clash. There are several techniques and I’ll introduce you to the two simpler.


– Can be corrected over the foundation: this is to use a local correction to use on the foundation, where we have something to hide (for example, an acne scar). Once the foundation applied a correction is used (usually the same color as the foundation) and is applied with a brush by tapping the default. It never lasts a correction, if we delete. The tap can put the color without removing material so far, which is very much cleaner. For texture, we must prefer a creamy texture, more opaque, but that is not formulated with fat. Creams are useful when textures are highly pigmented (and therefore very Blanket). The sticks should never be placed directly on the blemish, otherwise convey forever bacteria. So we always pick up the material with a brush, whatever the packaging.


– Can be corrected below and above the foundation: more worked, this technique is mainly based on the colors. We can therefore use less covering products, but we will double. On bare skin, is applied with a brush a color corrector (green or purple), which neutralizes the color of the imperfection. Its foundation is then applied with a brush, taking care not to stretch the color corrector (for this, we tap the foundation at this point). Once the foundation applied, it blurs the effect of the color gray + foundation with a corresponding offset association in beige tones, always applied with a brush. This correction is more effective than only with correcting over and is more suited to the problems of scarring / spots as buttons problems (due to risk of choking).


Correct dark circles

Dark circles are more or less dark and can go from gray to purple or pull the brown complexion according to base. The most effective textures to hide dark circles are creamy textures. Fluid textures (the roll-on concealer and others), it’s a little gadget that serve only those who have almost nothing. In case of eye Cocker, you must leave the heavy artillery.

The full range is: best concealers, corrector and powder. First, we apply a correction (violet color), brush tapping (again) and then smooth the surface and the material by tapping finger (so that you remove the excess correction to avoid having too). Over, the concealer is applied always tapping and fully covering the purple checker (if you do not have a little look like a clown). Finally, as a finishing touch on the powder concealer is applied quickly to prevent it from migrating into the folds and do well unsightly packets. For powder, nothing beats actual HD, ultra fine powder, rather than a traditional loose powder will tend to plaster the concealer.


Characteristics and Peculiarities of the Eye Area

Best Concealers: Characteristics of The Eye Area  The eye area is extremely sensitive. This is the finest and most delicate of all the facial area. Constantly moving, it accuses priority early signs of skin aging.

– The skin is very thin at this level (0.05 mm), which makes it more vulnerable

– The hydro-lipid film is being less abundant than the rest of the face (sebaceous and sweat glands fewer)

– The dermis is very fine. It is depleted in collagen fibers and elastin. It is very rich in mast cells (increased risk of allergy and intolerance in this area).

– Under the skin, the tissue is very loose which is easily loosened.

– The blood supply and lymphatic microcirculation are often slow

– Area in perpetual motion (movement of eyelids over 10,000 per day), exposure to pollution, allergens…

All these make the eye area the first area of ​​the face to be marked by time!


Different types of reaching the eye contour


Swelling of the eyelids

The eyelid swelling occurs as a result of lymphatic microcirculation stasis, the use of unsuitable products, high-lipid



Pockets appear when venous-lymphatic insufficiency and flaccidity promote setting a small fat hernia.



Dark circles occur in case of impaired circulation back with accumulation of blood pigment in the connective tissue. This anomaly may be permanent in some people and hereditary.


Fine lines, wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles occur through repetitive squinting and degradation of dermal fibers. This phenomenon is related to aging, physiological, actinic (the sun), smoking.



Drying of the skin of the eyelids is linked to a deficiency of lipid hydro movie


Loss of lashes

The loss of lashes is related to a disease or a bad use of cleansing products


Irritation, redness, tingling

This occurs if you are allergic to unsuitable products or incorrectly used




Dark Circles, How to Hide?

Best Concealers: Conceal Dark CirclesYou might have, at one time or another, been faced with dark circles when you wake up. Self-contemplation in the mirror can suddenly become a source of complexity. Trying to hide or eliminate became the first stress of the day.


Dark circles, causes and how to hide?

To reduce the dark circles, so start by looking at their origin. Indeed, they reflect our habits and lifestyle. If for example you are watching a program until very late at night, do not escape the dark circles the next day. Our body needs to rest because it is only during sleep that resource. Blood stream and cells circulate better and regenerate during this period. Fatigue and lack of sleep then accelerate the appearance of dark circles. Other factors related to lifestyle can cause them, including the use of alcohol, tobacco, or medication.


External factors also attack our skin and are the cause of dark circles. Pollution, sun … directly address this part of our face. The particles of dust or dirt embedded in the pores, and in the absence of cleaning or special protection, they may accumulate and increase their visibility. You’re probably wondering why all this is reflected by dark circles; because the contours of the eyes are very delicate and sensitive areas. The poor blood flow is therefore more visible. However, if you notice that your rings are present on your face forever and cannot be eliminated despite impeccable lifestyle; know that they can be hereditary…


To overcome some little things are to follow. Above all, rearrange your sleep time. Not sure too late. Eat healthy and avoid as much as possible tobacco. If you wear make up every day wash your face and especially around your eyes with a cleansing milk and even if you don’t. Choose soft and suitable for eye products. Apply sunscreen when you go out during the day.




Concealer: How to Choose and Apply?

Best Concealers: Concealer ApplicationConcealer makeup

– Tip No. 1: The fridge is your friend

To deflate the eyelids, it’s perfect to place your care in the refrigerator. This will multiply the effect of your blueberry lotion or your eye cream with this feeling of freshness.


– Tip # 2: massage

To drain the lymph and deflate the lid, you can practice every morning a little acupressure massage.


Press gently with the pads of your fingers three points: inner hollow of the orbit under the eyebrow, central hollow lower in the iris and outer hollow of the lower orbit. If you want, care exists in the form of roll-on and allows massage while applying your eye contour.


Makeup concealer: put your eyes in value

– Tip # 1: What eye shadow is for you?

– We avoid wearing pearl eyeshadow if the eye is too wrinkled. “The shells accentuate the contours, so we put that on smooth eye lid.

– To choose the color of eye shadow, scan your iris and use the colors that compose it. Ex: The brown / hazel eyes often have gold nuggets; use the golden makeup, brown, plum…

– Remember that it’s important to play on contrasts with complementary colors. Blue eyes will not carry light blue shade but a midnight blue. In general, know that in the day you choose shades nude / natural (warm tones like beige or chocolate) and reserve the cool colors for the evening. Warning, if you have very round or protruding eyes, it is not a highlighter under penalty accentuate the bulging of the eye. Better opt for a dark shadow that will merit crushing and stretching the eyelid. Similarly, people with dark circles marked, avoid black and plum blushes and will focus on the upper eyelid!


– Tip # 2: Focus on the white pencil

To enlarge the eye, some advice to draw a line of white pencil inside the lower eyelid but not for all eyes! This is not a good idea for round eyes. Prefer a brown pencil to stretch its form.


Concealer makeup: lift your eyes


Be attentive to the structure of your eyebrow. Avoid too bushy eyebrow or too late and opt for a line to lift your eyes.


Overdo the light touches like concealer. “It is important to know the quality of your skin and the color of the dark circles to choose your concealer. The texture should be light so as not to mark the skin and color that will complement your dark circles. Example: on a clear skin with blue / purple circles you choose a lighter concealer with a touch of yellow.



10 Tips to Remove Bags under the Eyes

Cuccumber Slices To Reduce Bags Under Eyes 1. Apply concealer


There are on the market the best concealers as cosmetic solutions to hide dark circles. Whether liquid or creamier, they can hide some gray circles under eyes.


2. Get enough sleep


Dark circles under the eyes are often associated with fatigue so to avoid having, give you a good night’s sleep very restorative. Sleep is important for physical health, so if you sleep well, you will have a healthy glow and a beautiful complexion when you wake up.


3. Avoid salt


The dark circles slightly more swollen are due to water retention. Avoid eating salt can therefore help you to not show dark circles. Eating a balanced diet will also help you to have a beautiful complexion, a beautiful face healthy and beautiful color.


4. Use a concealer care


Several products against dark circles and wrinkles exist. Typically, you apply in the morning or at night under the eyes and a revitalizing effect will after some time. You can choose from creams, gels or applicator stick.


5. Use chamomile


Before going to sleep, infuse two bags of chamomile and leave in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning, put them in a few minutes your eyes and dark circles diminish. If you do not have chamomile, you can also use tea bags.


6. Use cucumbers


Simply slice two slices of cucumber and place them over your eyes. This concealer trick is widespread throughout the world.


7. Use semi-skimmed milk


Soak two balls semi-skimmed milk. Pat under your eyes and puffiness should subside quickly.


8. Use cold


The cold is good for removing dark circles under the eyes. It tightens the skin. So take two ice cubes and put in a small towel and attach it in your eyes. You will see a marked improvement.


9. Massage below your eyes


Gently pat the skin under your eyes with your fingertips. Then, very gently massage the bottom of your eyes from the inside to the outside to circulate your blood.


10. Stretch the skin under his eyes


You can gently pull the skin under the eyes down and keep this position for a few seconds. Your skin will appear later released.



10 Tips against Dark Circles

Best Concealers To Hide Dark Circles1. Decongest the eye


Dark circles are caused by congestion of the vessels around the eyes. So the first trick against dark circles is to boost blood flow to the eyes. It is therefore possible to make some finger movements while goshawks eyes, like a little massage.


2. Apply best concealers creams


To do this, the application of concealer cream is required. They are very effective as an anti-wrinkle effect and help decongest the eye quickly to give them all the glory they deserve.


3. Choose an effective concealer treatment


Since the rings tend to appear and increase with age, it may be useful to make a real concealer treatment. Several products against dark circles are indeed selling drugstore and just choose your brand usual beauty.


4. Many vitamins A


To fight against dark circles, it is also necessary to consume foods rich in vitamin A. Carrots are mainly known for their excellent effect on the eyes.



5. A good night’s sleep


As dark circles are often the result of tiredness, so it is recommended to follow the eight hours of sleep every day and give the eyes a break from time to time during the workday.


6. Homemade tips against dark circles


Home remedies are now the best stuff to fight against dark circles. Milk compresses are very effective against dark circles. Its use is very simple because, simply soak cotton with cold milk and apply it on your eyes by closing them.


7. Slices of cucumber on the eyes


The famous concealer trick of applying a slice of cucumber on the eyes is very effective. This method is often applied in beauty salons when applying the mask on the face. The cucumber makes it possible to relieve the eyes and improve blood circulation around the eyes and removing dark circles.


8. A little cold eye level


If dark circles are really visible and you do not have time to apply a cream or something else, you can use your spoon to make them disappear. This is to put two spoons in the fridge and then put them on the eyes. The cold makes it possible to relax the eyes and the congestion.


9. Makeup to cover dark circles


To hide dark circles in no time, the best way is to wear makeup using best concealers. There are indeed concealer creams that can be applied and proofreaders. However, we must be very careful about applying makeup because instead of hiding dark circles, it can develop more.

10. Other treatment against dark circles


Finally, there are different methods to make dark circles disappear. You can indeed use the laser treatment, the peeling or injections. But before we get there, better testing natural methods to concealer dark circles, right?


Hollow Circles

Best Concealers: Concealer Cream For Dark CirclesThe circles correspond to the hollow beneath the lower eyelid. They are highly visible and are due to the loss of subcutaneous fat. They give a tired and aged appearance before the age especially among young people. There are two types of circles: the hollow circles with or without bags under the eyes and dark circles.


The hollow circles indicate the first signs of aging. They can be with or without a loss of relief of the cheekbone. The appearance of the ring is related to the widening of the orbit. The contours of the orbit become apparent, due to the melting of fat mass surrounding the surface, under the skin. The eyes look older. The treatment will therefore be to recreate the volume lost by the circle. In some cases, the circles extend down by a groove from the eyelid to the cheekbone and a widening of the cheekbone, because of its fat melting.


Several solutions are possible for hollow circles. On the one hand, there are injections that are effective. The injection is made ​​of hyaluronic acid or fat. It is depth between the bone and skin. This technique does not leave a mark and can be repaired in case of bad gesture. The result is approximately 30 months.


On the other hand, lip structure is also effective. In fact, the technique simply fills the circles of fat. More specifically, it is a hair transplant of fat cells in the muscles. It is intended for people who have a very sharp look and is accompanied in general to a surgery of the eyelids. Using general anesthesia, the procedure involves risks such as infections or bruising.



Natural and Cosmetics Best Concealers

Best Concealers ProductsWith the cold, fatigue and pollution, eye widens and becomes bluish. To fight against these pockets, concealer is needed. Form of creams or natural concealers have an astringent role, decongestant and tonic on the eyes. They help establish a better blood circulation in the eye.


Best concealers

At present, several cosmetic brands offer many concealers in the form of creams, sticks, gels … Among them there are puffiness and dark circles concealer puffiness. With these products, dark circles and puffiness go down. The stick concealer is effective with immediate effect on dark circles and imperfections. The Thermal Fix Eyes concealer decongests and also soothes the eye. It makes the skin smoother and awakens the eye.


Natural concealers

Besides cosmetics, there are also other natural products to erase dark circles. To wake the eyes, compresses soaked in chamomile water or blueberry can be placed on the eyes. These plants are known for their soothing and calming. A cube can also give a boost blood circulation and relieve dark circles. However, the result is only temporary. Similarly, cucumber slices can also be good concealer. They can mitigate these colorful bags. To do this, place the cucumber slices in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Then, they must be placed on the eyes for 10 minutes. Another effective solution is also the tea bag to refrigerate and to set on eyes. It also has an important role to relieve dark circles.



Best Concealers Advice to Fade Birth Dark Circles

Best Concealers: Concealer Application The dark circles appear as a colored or hollow circle under eyes. They are usually caused by poor blood circulation and lymphatic vein. Moreover, their appearance can be accentuated by poor lifestyle: tobacco, alcohol, fatigue, poor diet … However, some people are born with dark circles called birth dark circles. They are linked to heredity and mean that these people have poor circulation at birth. In this case, it is advisable to seek the advice of a doctor to treat those dark circles birth.


However, waiting for the doctor’s advice, some tips can help you camouflage dark circles of birth and some lifestyle rules must be respected. Above all, it is recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle to not accentuate dark circles. In this case, we must adopt a diet low in fat and high in fruits and vegetables. It is also important to limit the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Finally, we need to spare for the effects of fatigue does not accentuate dark circles. To conceal dark circles of birth, it is advisable to use a concealer for pigment using a color approximating the complexion. You must choose the concealer that compounds active moisturizing and improving microcirculation. The contours eye care can also be used to moisturize that part of the face. They are usually rich in draining assets to improve microcirculation.


Other types of dark circles


– The hollow circles appear as two holes in the bottom of the eyes and are formed under the eyelid due to an accumulation of fat which gives a tired look.


– The colored circles are more common than hollow circles. Yellow, purple or black, they come from poor blood circulation.


You can hide the moderately colored circles with a cream concealer and best concealers makeup. However it remains a daily practice. To avoid having dark circles, there is also the possibility of resorting to cosmetic surgery.




Appropriate Conduct In The Case Of Purple Circles

Best Concealers: Dark Circles ConcealerAt any point in life, everyone can remark the appearance of the unsightly pockets called dark circles. Several factors can cause. They can appear as a result of fatigue, poor circulation or an unhealthy lifestyle.


Generally, purple rings result from poor blood circulation. In this case, there is a change in the tone of the lymphatic channels and discomfort in the venous circulation. Subsequently, this leads to poor circulation of blood pigments in the blood vessels which can accumulate in the connective tissue. To prevent the appearance of dark circles purple color, it is recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It is advisable to reduce the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, which affects the functioning of the bloodstream. It is also important to moisturize the skin through moisturizing facials but also drinking lots of water. Moreover, it is advisable to reduce the intake of salt that can cause water retention and change the bloodstream.


To remove dark circles, several natural treatments can be made. To relieve the eyes, cold compresses can be placed under the eyes. Similarly, people prone to dark circles can also use tea bags placed in the refrigerator and put them on the eyes. To hide dark circles, best concealers are also needed allies. To hide the purple color of dark circles, concealer shades of yellow or peaches are recommended.