Characteristics and Peculiarities of the Eye Area

Best Concealers: Characteristics of The Eye Area  The eye area is extremely sensitive. This is the finest and most delicate of all the facial area. Constantly moving, it accuses priority early signs of skin aging.

– The skin is very thin at this level (0.05 mm), which makes it more vulnerable

– The hydro-lipid film is being less abundant than the rest of the face (sebaceous and sweat glands fewer)

– The dermis is very fine. It is depleted in collagen fibers and elastin. It is very rich in mast cells (increased risk of allergy and intolerance in this area).

– Under the skin, the tissue is very loose which is easily loosened.

– The blood supply and lymphatic microcirculation are often slow

– Area in perpetual motion (movement of eyelids over 10,000 per day), exposure to pollution, allergens…

All these make the eye area the first area of ​​the face to be marked by time!


Different types of reaching the eye contour


Swelling of the eyelids

The eyelid swelling occurs as a result of lymphatic microcirculation stasis, the use of unsuitable products, high-lipid



Pockets appear when venous-lymphatic insufficiency and flaccidity promote setting a small fat hernia.



Dark circles occur in case of impaired circulation back with accumulation of blood pigment in the connective tissue. This anomaly may be permanent in some people and hereditary.


Fine lines, wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles occur through repetitive squinting and degradation of dermal fibers. This phenomenon is related to aging, physiological, actinic (the sun), smoking.



Drying of the skin of the eyelids is linked to a deficiency of lipid hydro movie


Loss of lashes

The loss of lashes is related to a disease or a bad use of cleansing products


Irritation, redness, tingling

This occurs if you are allergic to unsuitable products or incorrectly used



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