Concealer: How to Choose and Apply?

Best Concealers: Concealer ApplicationConcealer makeup

– Tip No. 1: The fridge is your friend

To deflate the eyelids, it’s perfect to place your care in the refrigerator. This will multiply the effect of your blueberry lotion or your eye cream with this feeling of freshness.


– Tip # 2: massage

To drain the lymph and deflate the lid, you can practice every morning a little acupressure massage.


Press gently with the pads of your fingers three points: inner hollow of the orbit under the eyebrow, central hollow lower in the iris and outer hollow of the lower orbit. If you want, care exists in the form of roll-on and allows massage while applying your eye contour.


Makeup concealer: put your eyes in value

– Tip # 1: What eye shadow is for you?

– We avoid wearing pearl eyeshadow if the eye is too wrinkled. “The shells accentuate the contours, so we put that on smooth eye lid.

– To choose the color of eye shadow, scan your iris and use the colors that compose it. Ex: The brown / hazel eyes often have gold nuggets; use the golden makeup, brown, plum…

– Remember that it’s important to play on contrasts with complementary colors. Blue eyes will not carry light blue shade but a midnight blue. In general, know that in the day you choose shades nude / natural (warm tones like beige or chocolate) and reserve the cool colors for the evening. Warning, if you have very round or protruding eyes, it is not a highlighter under penalty accentuate the bulging of the eye. Better opt for a dark shadow that will merit crushing and stretching the eyelid. Similarly, people with dark circles marked, avoid black and plum blushes and will focus on the upper eyelid!


– Tip # 2: Focus on the white pencil

To enlarge the eye, some advice to draw a line of white pencil inside the lower eyelid but not for all eyes! This is not a good idea for round eyes. Prefer a brown pencil to stretch its form.


Concealer makeup: lift your eyes


Be attentive to the structure of your eyebrow. Avoid too bushy eyebrow or too late and opt for a line to lift your eyes.


Overdo the light touches like concealer. “It is important to know the quality of your skin and the color of the dark circles to choose your concealer. The texture should be light so as not to mark the skin and color that will complement your dark circles. Example: on a clear skin with blue / purple circles you choose a lighter concealer with a touch of yellow.


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