Dark Circles, How to Hide?

Best Concealers: Conceal Dark CirclesYou might have, at one time or another, been faced with dark circles when you wake up. Self-contemplation in the mirror can suddenly become a source of complexity. Trying to hide or eliminate became the first stress of the day.


Dark circles, causes and how to hide?

To reduce the dark circles, so start by looking at their origin. Indeed, they reflect our habits and lifestyle. If for example you are watching a program until very late at night, do not escape the dark circles the next day. Our body needs to rest because it is only during sleep that resource. Blood stream and cells circulate better and regenerate during this period. Fatigue and lack of sleep then accelerate the appearance of dark circles. Other factors related to lifestyle can cause them, including the use of alcohol, tobacco, or medication.


External factors also attack our skin and are the cause of dark circles. Pollution, sun … directly address this part of our face. The particles of dust or dirt embedded in the pores, and in the absence of cleaning or special protection, they may accumulate and increase their visibility. You’re probably wondering why all this is reflected by dark circles; because the contours of the eyes are very delicate and sensitive areas. The poor blood flow is therefore more visible. However, if you notice that your rings are present on your face forever and cannot be eliminated despite impeccable lifestyle; know that they can be hereditary…


To overcome some little things are to follow. Above all, rearrange your sleep time. Not sure too late. Eat healthy and avoid as much as possible tobacco. If you wear make up every day wash your face and especially around your eyes with a cleansing milk and even if you don’t. Choose soft and suitable for eye products. Apply sunscreen when you go out during the day.



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