Hollow Circles

Best Concealers: Concealer Cream For Dark CirclesThe circles correspond to the hollow beneath the lower eyelid. They are highly visible and are due to the loss of subcutaneous fat. They give a tired and aged appearance before the age especially among young people. There are two types of circles: the hollow circles with or without bags under the eyes and dark circles.


The hollow circles indicate the first signs of aging. They can be with or without a loss of relief of the cheekbone. The appearance of the ring is related to the widening of the orbit. The contours of the orbit become apparent, due to the melting of fat mass surrounding the surface, under the skin. The eyes look older. The treatment will therefore be to recreate the volume lost by the circle. In some cases, the circles extend down by a groove from the eyelid to the cheekbone and a widening of the cheekbone, because of its fat melting.


Several solutions are possible for hollow circles. On the one hand, there are injections that are effective. The injection is made ​​of hyaluronic acid or fat. It is depth between the bone and skin. This technique does not leave a mark and can be repaired in case of bad gesture. The result is approximately 30 months.


On the other hand, lip structure is also effective. In fact, the technique simply fills the circles of fat. More specifically, it is a hair transplant of fat cells in the muscles. It is intended for people who have a very sharp look and is accompanied in general to a surgery of the eyelids. Using general anesthesia, the procedure involves risks such as infections or bruising.


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