How to Correct the Complexion Effectively?

Best Concealrs to Correct ComplexionAfter choosing your foundation, you can go now to the correction. The correction includes both the concealer to hide your fatigue (or your poor circulation), but also products used to camouflage scars and other blemishes.


Above all, know that we don’t put foundation on dark circles to cover: it probably won’t do anything if you have marked circles. Two, we do not put heavy foundation and good coverage all over the face if it is to hide two or three buttons. You’ll feed the imperfection and make the most important problem. We must therefore buy spanning correctors, and do not overload the complexion. Never forget that you can correct the color, but not the relief!


Correct with a basic foundation


When you have very red skin, or dull skin, a base cream can be used before the foundation which will regulate the initial color of the skin.

– The green bases with red skin give them a gray color.

– The purple or pearly bases intended to dull (smokers are concerned) and allow the skin to better reflect light.

However, the basics tend to make the skin more “heavy”, especially because we feel we have two layers in addition to the cream, which is more suitable for those who have real complex or for an evening.


Correct localized imperfections


Several schools in the correction clash. There are several techniques and I’ll introduce you to the two simpler.


– Can be corrected over the foundation: this is to use a local correction to use on the foundation, where we have something to hide (for example, an acne scar). Once the foundation applied a correction is used (usually the same color as the foundation) and is applied with a brush by tapping the default. It never lasts a correction, if we delete. The tap can put the color without removing material so far, which is very much cleaner. For texture, we must prefer a creamy texture, more opaque, but that is not formulated with fat. Creams are useful when textures are highly pigmented (and therefore very Blanket). The sticks should never be placed directly on the blemish, otherwise convey forever bacteria. So we always pick up the material with a brush, whatever the packaging.


– Can be corrected below and above the foundation: more worked, this technique is mainly based on the colors. We can therefore use less covering products, but we will double. On bare skin, is applied with a brush a color corrector (green or purple), which neutralizes the color of the imperfection. Its foundation is then applied with a brush, taking care not to stretch the color corrector (for this, we tap the foundation at this point). Once the foundation applied, it blurs the effect of the color gray + foundation with a corresponding offset association in beige tones, always applied with a brush. This correction is more effective than only with correcting over and is more suited to the problems of scarring / spots as buttons problems (due to risk of choking).


Correct dark circles

Dark circles are more or less dark and can go from gray to purple or pull the brown complexion according to base. The most effective textures to hide dark circles are creamy textures. Fluid textures (the roll-on concealer and others), it’s a little gadget that serve only those who have almost nothing. In case of eye Cocker, you must leave the heavy artillery.

The full range is: best concealers, corrector and powder. First, we apply a correction (violet color), brush tapping (again) and then smooth the surface and the material by tapping finger (so that you remove the excess correction to avoid having too). Over, the concealer is applied always tapping and fully covering the purple checker (if you do not have a little look like a clown). Finally, as a finishing touch on the powder concealer is applied quickly to prevent it from migrating into the folds and do well unsightly packets. For powder, nothing beats actual HD, ultra fine powder, rather than a traditional loose powder will tend to plaster the concealer.

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